Great Northern Coffee

All of our flavored coffees are also available in decaf. We have a wonderful selection of flavored coffees to enhance dessert or give yourself a little treat! We hope you enjoy all the flavor without the caffeine.

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Amaretto Supreme
Decaffeinated Coffee

Like the liqueur from Saronno, Italy. This coffee has a nutty flavor and fragrant sweetness.


Bavarian Chocolate     Cappuccino   Cinnamon Hazelnut  

Bavarian Chocolate
Decaffeinated Coffee

This coffee combines two of natures best flavors coffee and chocolate.


Decaffeinated Coffee

A rich and creamy flavor gives this coffee it's wonderful taste!


Cinnamon Hazelnut Creme Decaffeinated Coffee

Like the famous Snickerdoodle cookie this coffee has a spicy and nutty flavor.

    Chocolate Raspberry   Chocolate Cherry      

Chocolate Raspberry and
Creme Decaffeinated Coffee

This coffee blends the sweet raspberry taste with a rich chocolate flavor.


Chocolate Cherry
Decaffeinated Coffee

This coffee combines the rich creamy flavor of chocolate and the taste of a sweet ripe cherry.

    Cognac   English Toffee   Frangelica   French Vanilla  

Decaffeinated Coffee

This coffee tastes like the brandy that comes from Cognac, France-
a distinctive flavor.


English Toffee
Decaffeinated Coffee

A smooth, creamy texture with a buttery, toffee flavor.


Decaffeinated Coffee

This coffee is a wonderful combination of Vanilla and Hazelnut, with a rich creamy flavor.


French Vanilla
Decaffeinated Coffee

Our superior French Roast flavored with creamy vanilla.

  Golden Pecan   Highlander Grogg   Hazelnut   Irish Creme  

Golden Pecan
Decaffeinated Coffee

This coffee has a sharp nutty flavor of the southern pecan.


Highlander Grogg
Decaffeinated Coffee

One of our most popular flavors, a creamy, butter rum flavor. -Melts in your mouth.


Decaffeinated Coffee

This coffee has the rich full flavor of the hazelnut. Sharp and fragrant.


Irish Creme
Decaffeinated Coffee

Like the Liqueur this coffee has a sweet creamy flavor.

    Macadamia Nut   Pina Colada      

Macadamia Nut & Creme
Decaffeinated Coffee

This coffee has the nutty aroma of macadamia's from Hawaii with a smooth creamy taste.


Pina Colada
Decaffeinated Coffee

A sweet creamy tasting coconut flavored coffee mixed with hint of pineapple. Medium roasted blend.

    Toasted Chestnut   Vanilla   Viennese Cinnamon      

Toasted Chestnut Creme
Decaffeinated Coffee

A mild and creamy blend of Toasted Chestnuts with Vanilla. A holiday favorite!


Decaffeinated Coffee

A medium roasted blend of South and Central American coffees flavored with creamy vanilla.


Viennese Cinnamon
Decaffeinated Coffee

This is a sweet and spicy coffee with a bright aroma.



  Locally Roasted in Jackson Hole, Wyoming