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Colombian  Decaffeinated


Espresso Roast  Decaffeinated


Our decaffeinated coffees provide exceptional taste without the caffeine. These gourmet coffees are fresh roasted using only the best Arabica coffee beans. We offer a nice selection of regular and flavored decaffeinated coffees

We also have Organic Swiss Water processed coffees. These coffees are decaffeinated using the Swiss water method which eliminates the coffee's caffeine using water rather than chemicals.



For those who prefer an caffeine-free cup that is medium bodied with a rich smooth flavor.


Espresso Roast

Roasted to a rich dark brown, bringing the natural oils to the surface of the beans.

  Ethiopian Decaf   European Blend  Decaffeinated   French Roast  Decaffeinated   Great Northern  Decaffeinated Blend

Ethiopian Decaf

A Mocha Harrar that is rich in aroma with a medium body and exotic flavor.


European Blend

Reminiscent of Europe's rich full flavored coffee's. A blend of Indonesian and French Roast.


French Roast

Our darkest decaf, rich and full flavored leaving a smooth sweet aftertaste.


Great Northern
Decaffeinated Blend

Like our regular house blend, this combines the rich flavor of an Indonesian with the smooth tasting Colombian.

  Jackson Hole Decaf   Mocha Java  Decaffeinated   Rendezvous Roast   Sumatra Decaffeinated

Jackson Hole
Blend Decaffeinated

This is a wonderful decaffeinated blend of African and Indonesian coffees. This is a rich and hearty tasting coffee to warm you up on those cold winter mornings.


Mocha Java

This is a light, aromatic blend. Decaffeinated.


Rendezvous Roast

Our richest decaffeinated coffee blend. Full bodied , with a snappy flavor.



This coffee retains the rich, full bodied flavor of the original Sumatra. This is one of our most popular decafs.

Introducing our Organic
Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffees...

These coffees are decaffeinated using the Swiss water method which eliminates the coffee's caffeine using water rather than chemicals. They are all certified organic.


  Organic “Andes”  SWP Decaffeinated   Organic French Roast  SWP Decaffeinated

Organic “Andes”
SWP Decaffeinated

This organic blend of decaffeinated coffees is roasted on the dark side for a heavy sweet flavor.


Organic French Roast
SWP Decaffeinated

A blend of South and Central American Coffees roasted dark. Medium body with a sweet aroma.

  Organic Mexican Miravalles  SWP Decaffeinated   Organic Peru SWP Decaffeinated        

Organic Mexican Miravalles
SWP Decaffeinated

Hacienda Miravalles Estate This mild and sweet Mexican is shade grown, SMBC “Bird Friendly”, The farm sits in the highlands of the Sierra Madre mountains.


Organic Peru
SWP Decaffeinated

This is an Organic Andes Gold Swiss Water Decaf. Smooth and mild in the cup. SMBC & Fair Trade.


Organic Sumatra “Takengon” Swiss Water Decaffeinated

Aromatic and heavy bodied this coffee is Shade Grown and Fair Trade.



See Our Flavored Decaffeinated Coffees

We have a wonderful selection of flavored coffees available in decaf.
We hope you enjoy all the flavor without the caffeine!

  Locally Roasted in Jackson Hole, Wyoming