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Brazil Ipanema


Colombia Supremo


We search the world for truly unique coffees, bold enough to stand alone in our single origin category. All of our coffee beans are 100% Arabica – the highest quality beans available. Our Single Origin coffees are comprised of select beans from single crops.

Great coffee requires a commitment to great beans. The distinctive elevation and climate of the coffee growing regions of the world create unique taste characteristics. We carefully select our single-origin coffee beans in order to provide you with the best tasting coffee from each region.


Brazil Ipanema

Chosen "Best Brazil", this unique coffee from a new growing region in Brazil is mild with a sweet taste, plenty of body and good acidity. A light roast brings out the flavor.


Colombia Supremo

Colombia's highest grade of coffee. A light roast with a rich full flavor,a medium body and accompanied by a wonderful aroma. The Supremo bean is bold to extra large in size.

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Colombia Supremo Dark   Costa Rica SHB   Ethiopian Harrar   Ethiopian Yrgacheffe

Colombia Supremo Dark

Roasted to a rich dark brown, a stronger flavor with heavier body. A great after dinner coffee.


Costa Rica SHB

Grown above 4,000 feet; these beans have a medium body, unique aroma, and a fine acidity.


Ethiopian Harrar

This coffee is distinguished by its strong hint of wine. Medium body with an exotic rich flavor.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

This is an intriquing coffee; a washed Ethiopian grown at an altitude of 8,000 feet. It has an outstanding aroma , mellow body and a pleasant complexity. This is a medium roast.

  Guatemala   India Monsooned Malabar AA   Kenya AA   Kona Fancy


A superb coffee from the high mountains of Guatemala. This is a rich full flavored coffee with a snappy acidity.


India Monsooned Malabar AA

After picking, these beans go through an unusual treatment of exposing them to the Monsoon Winds off the Arabian Sea in order to simulate the conditions that prevailed in wooden sailing ships that used to carry this coffee to the finest European Markets This is a low acid coffee, smooth and mellow in the cup.


Kenya AA

A mild, delicate flavor; this coffee has a wonderful smoothness and roundness in the cup. One of the worlds great coffees.


Kona Extra Fancy

Pure Kona Coffee. Grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa, a premium coffee that is full bodied and flavorful; with a mellow straight forward character.

Mexican   Sulawesi Toraja   Sumatra   Tanzanian Peaberry


A delicate body, fragrant aroma and sweet in flavor. This SMBC “bird friendly coffee is a medium light roast.


Sulawesi Toraja

An excellent Indonesian coffee, full bodied with a rich aroma; low acidity and a smooth nutty flavor, sweet aftertaste.


Sumatra Lin Tong

An Indonesian coffee, rich and full bodied from the Mandehling region of Sumatra. It has a flavor which is deep and gentle; medium roast.


Tanzanian Peaberry

Rich flavor, medium to full bodied with a delicate acidity.

  Zambian Estates   Zimbabwe AA        

Zambian Estates

A rich hearty estate coffee from Africa; medium roasted and smooth in the cup.


Zimbabwe AA

This is an excellant coffee with deserts, a bright tasting rich coffee from Africa. The AA stands for the finest quality exported from Zimbabwe.





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